COVID Safe Signage

COVID Safe Signage

COVIDSafe signage solutions are vital during the pandemic, which seems to be lingering for a while longer. Particularly for essential services in the food and beauty industries, businesses and their staff must comply with COVIDSafe Plans as directed by the government.

Consumers need constant reminders around social distancing and the rules around ‘stopping the spread’ (eg. use of sanitisers). At PrintX we have a range of point of sale assets that help to guide customers when visiting businesses.

Fast food chain, McDonalds©, is a prime example of the importance of encouraging responsible practices for both customers and staff working at the restaurant. Our team recently assisted our trade customer for McDonalds Clyde North with various safety measures including these floor decals. They can be applied to various substrates including concrete, and are durable for both indoor and outdoor application.

Choose PrintX to produce floor decals to indicate safe distancing, posters that provide information on capacity and hygiene requirements, signage for sanitisation units…plus, whatever else your business requires!

Ensure your business is meeting the DHHS employer and employee obligations.

Connect with us to chat about your COVIDSafe Plan.

Client: Trade Customer of McDonalds

Date: October 21, 2020

Service: Commercial